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My name is Aleksandar Boychev

I was born in the 23 of June in the year 2000 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have spent a huge portion of my life abroad. In 2004 me and my family moved to Moscow and lived there for a year. Then we traveled to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, where I studied 2 years in a Ukrainian public school, but the rest of my education was spent in schools following the British educational system. First I studied for 4 years in the British International School of Kiev, and then I moved back to Bulgaria in 2012 where I continued at the British School of Sofia. As a diploma for my secondary education I passed the IB.

My art skills were not formed at school seeing as the program I was going through did not aim at developing technical skills. Even though I had art as a subject in the IGCSE and IB I wanted to go beyond what the programs provided. Primarily from private tutors outside of school. One of them was a famous Bulgarian painter Mikhaïl Kamberov, Doctor Honoris Causa in Arts. Under his guidance I had my first personal exhibition with oil paints at the age of 14, during the may of 2015.
I have learned acrylics, soft pastels, pencil, charcoal and ink since then. I am currently getting familiar with programs such as photoshop so as I am able to create digital art too. My university degree focuses around the presentation of a story using all the elements in it; the audio, the visuals and the ideas within it. Therefore I will be learning how to develop and formulate well an idea. My goal for the future is to either join an animation crew and gradually gain experience until the point where I am capable of owning my animation studio, or starting a comic book publishing company. My desire is to bring about happiness to the young and the adolescent, and to guide them through building a set of moral values which will help for their better future.

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